Plastik: vergleichende Anatomie …

„… More than 8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the world’s oceans each year, according to the UN, which has called for single-use bags to be eliminated completely by 2022.

The main way that plastic gets into the seas is via the world’s major rivers. Research suggests that 95% of plastic is transported in this way. Eight of these rivers are found in Asia. Most of the plastic comes from China, but Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam also rank among major polluters.

Consumer behaviour in developed countries including the UK, Europe and the US is also a major factor in pushing plastic into the world’s waters.

Last December, 193 countries committed to a UN plan to stop plastic waste entering the oceans. But the commitment is not legally binding and doesn’t have a timetable, and different countries have adopted different schemes.

Around 40 have banned single-use plastic bags, with charges or outright prohibitions in place in China, Bangladesh. and about 15 African countries.

Other nations, including the UK, are moving to ban plastic straws and cotton buds.

Und die Schweiz? Schaut zu! Schauen Sie sich mindestens das Video „Plastic pollution is killing animals in the Arctic“ im folgenden Artikel von BBC an.

Quelle: Plastic bags: Shop assistant ‚grabbed by throat‘ as Australia ban starts, BBC 1.7.18

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2 Antworten to “Plastik: vergleichende Anatomie …”

  1. STADT - LAND - GNUSS (@StadtLandGnuss) Says:

    Leider kein schönes Thema, aber die Illustration ist super!
    Liebe Grüsse

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