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Author Thursday Pick: Daily Poison

17. Juni 2022
Ämter, Politik und Landwirtschaft unterschätzen immer noch die Gefahr der Pestizide.

Ämter, Politik und Landwirtschaft unterschätzen immer noch die Gefahr der Pestizide.

Der Springer-Verlag hat gestern das Buch Daily Poison von Johann G. Zaller zur „Donnerstagsauswahl“ gekürt. Auf Deutsch erschienen ist zuerst „Unser täglich Gift“. Das englische Buch ist eine Erweiterung und Aktualisierung des deutschsprachigen. Die Buchbeschreibung:

This book is a sound science report about the consequences of pesticides to nature, health and environment.

The book shares essential insights into the use of pesticides in agriculture, discusses the politics, rhetoric and profits involved, addresses the potential health and ecological risks of pesticides in our daily lives, and debates possible solutions. Is agriculture without pesticides possible at all?

Moreover, the author gives insight into his scientific work, the set-up of the experiments, and also writes about his very own experiences with the media and press after publication of his studies.

For many years, Johann G. Zaller, an ecologist at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, and his team, have been researching applied chemicals and their effects on the environment. Their findings, together with relevant literature and media reports, are presented in this book, which offers a unique resource for anyone who wants to know the nature and background of pesticides and how we come into contact with them in our daily lives.

Ever ate an apple? Read this book!

Daily Poison, Johann G. Zaller

Unser täglich Gift, Johann G. Zaller

Synthetische Pestizide: Vortrag von Johann G. Zaller, Universtität für Bodenkultur Wien. Heidis Mist

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